First panorama images taken in Quet Winery, Serbia

View from the Quet vineyard over the Danube valley

The Quet Winery is is situated in the well-known region Fruška Gora, Serbia. Fruška Gora divides the region of Syrmia into two distinctive parts: Upper Syrmia, known as “Wine Syrmia” and Lower Syrmia, often referred to as “Swine Syrmia.”

The first wine came to Syrmia during the roman time. Later in the 15th century, the slopes of the mountains have been cherished as one of the most esteemed vineyard areas in the region. However, Fruška Gora’s viticulture truly blossomed after 1699, following the Treaty of Karlowitz, when the Ottomans were ousted from the region, flourishing well into the late 19th century. Following the end of the communist era, more and more wineries arose in the 90s.

One example for these newer wineries is the 2006 founded winery Quet as lease of a former cooperative winery in Banostor. The vineyard, located on the banks of the Danube, on the northern slopes of the Tarcal Mountain is a very good vine-growing spot. The grapes ripen there early and have a sugar content one or two percent higher than other vine-growing regions due to excellent soil quality, the microclimate and proximity of the Danube. Quet winery has currently 110 hectares of vineyards with predominantly white grape varieties but red kinds are also present like Pinot Noir.

In total, we were able to take three panorama sets in the winery and the vineyards for the project. Overall it was a very interesting experience for us to see these different wine traditions compared to the known bigger manufacturers in Spain, Italy or France.

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