Kick-off meeting in Toro, Spain

On the 13th of January 2023 partners of HeritAccess project met for the first time in Toro, this village with an amazing cathedral in the province of Zamora, Spain.

Representative of the project partners traveled to Spain to get familiarized with the project objectives, which are:

– Take advantage of the enormous heritage of rural areas where wine tourism predominates, representing the regions of the partners involved;

– Build using 360° image technology those selected sites that, due to their historical value and traditions, deserve to be transmitted to the audience with certain physical deficiencies (motor, visual, hearing);

– List a series of guidelines that will allow other rural heritage spaces to adapt the route of their visitors to their physical disabilities;

– Respond quickly to the possibility of people with reduced mobility or low knowledge of the latest technology, to improve their digital literacy and interest in these enjoyable, but relevant places.

From that visit in Toro on, partners have worked on the creation of a The HeritAccess Database  – a database containing a list of public and private rural heritage open to the public that concentrates traditions, legends and decades of family trade, with possible accessibility issues -, and The Digital HeritageAccess Experience – a digital experience, contained in a European platform where the virtual tours of the least accessible rural heritage of each country participating in the project are identified, and selected from the database mentioned above.

Text and images by Damiana Sudano (Formative Footprint)

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