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Liakou Winery in Greece

Explore the 360° Panoramic Tour

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In the vineyards

The panoramic picture shows the winery’s vineyards. The vineyards of Liakou Winery LIAKOU are located at an altitude of 470 meters and make the best use of the grapes of the vineyards of the Meteora region. The vineyard is the area where vines are grown and cultivated and the heart of wine production as they provide the raw material, which is the grapes, for the winemaking process. Therefore, after the grapes are carefully and carefully picked from the vineyard, they are transported to the winery for processing. At the Liakou Winery, the grape varieties grown are exclusively adapted to the microclimate and soil of the area. The cultivation of the vines started in 2006, concerning the natural environment, applying integrated management systems and organic farming. Furthermore, for vineyard management, we apply effective vineyard management practices, including pruning, irrigation, pest control and disease prevention.

In front of the winery

This panoramic picture shows the entrance to Liakou Winery. The building of winery is a stone-built traditional building, resembling a castle, which is a tourist attraction due to its special architecture, near the beautiful village of Gavros Kalambaka, a wonderful location to explore the mysterious rocks of Meteora. The winery is entered via a long path alongside the fence, bordered by a colourful array of flowers and grass, leading to the main entrance of the building. As you walk along the path, the vineyards stretch out to your left. Above the central entrance painted in a recess is a hagiography in which Christ is depicted in the center. At the main entrance of the building, there is an empty green space and a wooden outdoor bench where you can sit and enjoy your wine during warm days. It also has enough space for outdoor events. The design and size of the winery building are such that it accommodates the production process, storage, reception, and tasting room for visitors.

The fermentation area

This panoramic picture shows the fermentation area of the winery and the fermentation tanks. The grapes after being collected are cooled for 24 hours in a cold chamber to protect and preserve their organoleptic characteristics. Drainage is carried out at an altitude of four metres, to take advantage of the natural gravity created by this process and to avoid the use of mechanical pumps. Vinification takes place in stainless-steel fermentation and stabilisation tanks, with a controlled cooling system. The fermentation area is located on the ground floor, at ground level. During fermentation, the yeast consumes the sugars in the grape juice and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide as by-products. The fermentation process takes place in these large stainless-steel tanks. In this room you can strongly smell the distinct aromas, often described as yeasty or fruity and has a relatively high humidity. The winemaker carefully and regularly monitors and controls various factors to ensure the development of the desired aromas and flavours in the final wine.

The wine cellar

This panoramic picture shows the barrel room. After the fermentation phase, the wine is transferred to the underground cellar for ageing and placed in French oak barrels, selected for the appropriate vinification of each variety. The barrel room has earthy colours, and low, warm lighting and is a controlled environment for the ageing of the wine. The wine is placed in barrels for ageing, allowing the wine to develop complex flavours and aromas. The cellar provides a constant level of temperature and humidity. At the back of the cellar, in the centre, is a painting of the 'Last Supper' depicting Jesus and the twelve Apostles which is linked to the strong religious character of the region with the existence of orthodox monasteries in Meteora. On the right side as we see the painting there is the staircase, from which we descended to reach the underground cellar. In the central stone columns of the cellar, there are recesses with concealed warm lighting, in which some of the winery's fine bottles of wine are placed.

The bottling machine

This panoramic image shows the bottling and packaging area. Entering the area, you can see that it is equipped with bottling lines and packaging machines for filling, corking, labelling and packaging the finished wine bottles. This process is quite important, as the bottled wine is prepared for distribution and sale and the image of the wine bottle is carefully taken care of. Automatic labelling machines apply labels to the wine bottles precisely, on the front and back, as well as neck labels. At this stage, after the bottling process, the bottles are placed on the wooden bench in front of the bottling machine, where they are checked and quality control measures are applied. Once labelled, the bottles are packed in crates or cartons using packaging equipment. This includes the process of box packing, sealing and palletising. On the other side of the hall, opposite the bottling machine, the bottles are carefully packed in cartons and are ready for distribution.

The tasting room

This panoramic picture shows the main room of the winery, the tasting room. A welcoming tasting room has been created so that visitors can taste and if you want to buy the winery's wines. Entering the room, the space gives you a warm feeling, due to the earthy colours and low lighting. The ceiling is wooden and the walls of the space are stone from the middle up and are decorated with frames with vintage black and white photos. Once you enter you can see a wooden bar, at the base of which there are wooden barrels and stands for you to sit and enjoy your wine. To the right at the back, there are low long wooden tables to comfortably enjoy your wine with nice accompaniments with friends and a corner fireplace to warm the place up in the winter months. In this room, guests can taste and purchase wines while providing an enjoyable and educational tasting experience. This room is intended for hosting events and welcoming visitors.