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Access to culture and heritage in rural surroundings through the interactive digital experience

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Winery „Col del Lupo“ in Italy

Explore the 360° Panoramic Tour

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At the winery

We are at the entrance of Col del Lupo winery: on the right is the production cellar, on the left is the old three-story family house, all covered with stones, where we find the tasting room. Continuing along the driveway in front of the winery we find a beautiful green lawn with games for children, manicured plants: continuing we arrive at the entrance of the production cellar, where we find ancient working equipment such as a wooden press that was used for pressing grapes and some wooden barrels.

The winemaking room

We are inside the winery in the beautifully clean winemaking room where the work equipment is located: a table for chemical analysis, along the long side of the cellar the steel tanks of different sizes for fermenting musts and aging wine.

In the vineyards 1

In this view we can admire the vineyards of the Col del Lupo hill: we are at the top of the hill, right in the middle of the vineyards, and from here there is a beautiful view of the Valdobbiadene hills. The hills are very steep and covered by vineyards and woods. The vineyards follow the undulation of the hills forming like waves, the hills follow each other and the landscape is very beautiful. Scattered among the hills are small villages of white houses.

In the vineyards 2

Another view, this time from the opposite hill of Col del Lupo: the hills covered by vineyards, sometimes few trees towering on top of the hills, the little white roads going up and down the hills. On the opposite hill a little house surrounded by vineyards with a wonderful view, called just Col del Lupo, surrounded by glera vineyards. A small house of wood, stone and glass that allows you to sleep in the middle of the vineyards.

Col del Lupo lodging

We are inside the Col del Lupo lodging: from the large window overlooking the hills, the view is breathtaking! The house is on two floors, with windows on two sides of the little house that give the impression of being inside the vineyards.  On the second floor is a living space with a kitchen and a large light wood table for Prosecco Superiore tastings. The walls alternate between wood and exposed stone, original to the building that dates back to the 1700s. In the restoration of the house all the stone elements were saved while the wood was replaced. Downstairs is the sleeping area with a nice bright bedroom and services. The house is very bright, the large windows are also the entrance doors to this beautiful space.