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Access to culture and heritage in rural surroundings through the interactive digital experience

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Winery „Fruškogorski vinogradi“ in Serbia

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In the vineyards

We are located on the slope of Fruška Gora on the estate of the winery "Frušogorski Vinogradi". It's a nice sunny spring day. The breeze blows a little. on our left and behind us there are vineyards, we see young shoots. On the right side there is a reed roof, and below are wooden tables and benches. In this shade, during hot summer days, workers find shade and space for rest and lunch.

In the distance you can see the Danube, blue from the reflection of the clear blue sky with the occasional white cloud. The river ada is leafy and extremely green. In the distance on the right you can see the first houses of the village of Banoštora.

The tasting room

We enter the tasting room through the full wooden door and on the left we come across the bar and sales area where the wines of the "Fruškogorski vinogradi" winery are displayed on the shelves, from the Fruškać and QUET series. further to the left, there is a large screen where films about the winery and vineyards are shown, the footage was taken with a drone, so that we can see all the moves of this winery from the air.

Opposite the entrance door is a glass door and a staircase leading down to the room for aging wine in oak barrels and bottles.

To the right of the glass door there are stairs that lead to the gallery where there are wooden tables and chairs, a combination of wood and leather.

Below the gallery on the right side of the wall are the staff rooms, men's and women's toilets. To the right, directly towards the toilets, there is a glass door leading to the terrace. To the right of this exit door is a bar with an equipped kitchen. Immediately there is the sink, then the work surface, above which there are elements of the hanging kitchen where the spices are visible. near the end of the work surface there is a coffee machine, and next to it is a refrigerator with two doors. In front of these elements there is an open counter above which there are cup holders.

To the right in front of the counter there is an old manual shutter for corks, and in front in two rows of tables with chairs. on the right wall we have two large windows.

The floor is made of large gray ceramic tiles, the wall surface is actually bricks painted white. The ceiling is made of a ship's floor of light color wood on which the ventilation system is attached, as well as three large chandeliers of modern design.

The chandelier consists of 12 balls of a light yellowish color, arranged symmetrically in 3 balls in total, arranged in 4 central lines. Chandeliers are hung on longer chains.

The wine cellar

Passing through the glass door, we go down to the basement via 15 metal steps, where there is a wooden handrail on the left. After we went down from the left side to the stairs, there is a metal cage with bottles of aging wine. Then further to the left in the lower part there are 21 wooden oak barrels in which the wine is aged, on this first row there is a second row with 5 oak barrels.

Directly in front of the staircase along the entire length in the middle, there are bottles in metal cages where the wine ages in bottles.

On the right are bottles packed in cardboard boxes, ready for the market. And further to the right, there are oak barrels in two rows, one above the other.

The basement itself is built of bricks, and the vault is semicircular. At the end of the cellar there is a wall with the winery's logo. The logo consists from bottom to top of 3 crooked lines twisted from the right side up, then three straight lines slanted in the southwest-northeast direction, and above them there are 4 lines of different lengths directed northwest-southeast.

There is discreet lighting on the basement ceiling.