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Liakou Winery in Greece

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360° panoramic image outside the Liakou Winery showing the main building and its entrance and a vineyard in front of the building.
The image shows a 360° view between grapevines of a vineyards. Workers are harvesting grapes.

„The Liakou Winery

In a Nutshell


The winery is located North of Meteora in Kalampaka, Greece. The Greek word Meteora means "suspended in the air" and this phrase aptly describes the remarkable Greek Orthodox monasteries located there.

Type of place: 


Suggested duration of visit: 

4-5 hours

Best time to visit: 

Spring and autumn are often considered ideal seasons to explore vineyards and the winery. Spring marks the beginning of the growing season, and vineyards come to life with vibrant greenery and blossoms. Autumn is the harvest season and this is a crucial time for winemakers, as grapes are picked and the wine production process begins and now they are ready for the wine to welcome the wine lovers.

Closest transport station: 

In Kalampaka there is a bus and train station.

Opening Hours:  

The Liakou Winery is open, upon request, for visits by wine lovers and all those who want to get to know the magical world of wine. Visitors will have the opportunity to tour the vineyards, meet the wine producer, enjoy the scenery in the beautiful vineyards, tour the production, maturation and ageing areas, taste new and aged vintages, and learn about the fresh wines of this year's harvest.


24th km. Kalampakas-Deskates (village Gavros), Kalampaka, Greece

Booking Contact:

Year of construction: 

The winery was founded in 2009, started from a small vineyard and was made with a lot of "meraki" and love.


  • the vineyards
  • the cellar 
  • the tasting room

History in under a Minute

Above Kalambaka, rises one of the most impressive and imposing geological phenomena, the rocks of Meteora, which are considered one of the most important monuments in the world. There, from the 10th century, the monasteries of Meteora were built, which, together with Mount Athos, are the most important centres for the preservation of manuscripts and have played a decisive role in the preservation of our tradition and culture. Apart from this important work, the monks made sure to preserve and transmit the art of viticulture and winemaking during the hard times of the Turkish occupation, and following the liberation of the region, viticulture flourished in the area. Vineyards developed near the monasteries and their estates.

So, in 2006, always respecting the natural environment, the winery started to cultivate vines, applying integrated management systems and organic farming. In 2009, Liakos Winery created its winery and facilities, which became a sole proprietorship, with wine production as its main activity. It aims to produce quality wines, with the characteristics of the microclimate of the region. 

The image shows a view of the rocks and two monasteries of Meteora. The left monastery sits on top of a rock and the right monastery is built onto rocks on the side of larger hill.

„Touristic Information“

Coming to the area, you should not leave without admiring the mystical landscapes of Meteora. Since 1988, Meteora has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The stunning combination of the giant rocks with the Greek Christian Orthodox monasteries built on top of them is a must-see for everyone.

Sleep and eat:

There are two options to sleep and eat, Kalampaka town and Kastraki village. Kastraki is closer to Meteora, but Kalampaka is livelier. Kalampaka is a great place to eat traditional Greek food. The central mountainous location of Meteora is ideal for more hearty dishes, such as meatballs and stews.

Get directions:

Address for Navigation system: Winery Liakou Meteora

Parking: There is a parking space for the visitors in the winery.

Via car to the winery:  Visiting the winery by car provides unparalleled freedom. From Athens to Liakou Winery is about 380 km by car, with a duration of 4.30 hours, via the motorway Piraeus-Athens-Athens-Thessaloniki-Euzoni (A1)/(E75). From Thessaloniki is about 210 km with a duration of 2.30 hours, via Egnatia Odos (A2)/(E90)

Via train: Kalampaka is a destination connected to Athens and Thessaloniki via train, making it an easier and more energy-efficient way to travel, taking approximately 4 to 5 hours. Once you arrive in Kalampaka you can rent a car or take a taxi for about 25 km drive, from the railway station to the final destination of Liakou Winery.

Via national bus: The bus service (KTEL) provides an economical and comfortable option connecting Athens and Thessaloniki to Kalampaka. Depart from the Athens or Thessaloniki Bus Station, make a small transit stop at Trikala and arrive at the Kalampaka Bus Station, at around 4-5 hours. Once you arrive in Kalampaka you can rent a car or take a taxi for about 25 km drive, from the bus station to the final destination of Liakou Winery.

Insider Tips:

If you visit the winery in spring or summer, take sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, water, and a good camera that can take photos in low light, as the sunsets are spectacular.

If you visit the winery in autumn or winter, wear good non-slip shoes for greater safety on potentially wet or slippery surfaces during autumn rains or winter snow. Also, prefer warm and comfortable clothes during cooler temperatures.

Things to do arround:

Rich in history, gastronomy and natural attractions, the wider region offers something for every visitor. In the town of Kalampaka, is one of the most impressive landscapes of Greece, the rocks of Meteora. Many centuries ago, these huge rocks were formed, which are more than 600 meters high and in which the hermits found shelter, founding one of the most important monastic communities in Greece. Moreover, several high-quality hotels, restaurants and tavernas with traditional Greek cuisine can satisfy any visitor.


Can I visit the property on my own or only with a guided tour?

The Liakou Winery is open, upon request, for visits by wine lovers and all those who want to get to know the magical world of wine. You might choose a standard tour, a private tour, or tours with tastings and food pairings. You can make an online reservation through the winery's website and choose your preferred dates and times.

Is there any cost?

Visits to the Liakou Winery are open to all and include a short tour of the vineyard, as well as a guided tour of the production, bottling, and ageing areas. Visitors also have the opportunity to taste the estate's wines in a special room. For more information visit the winery’s website:

Is a visit worth it?

During the visit the guide will give you detailed information about the winery, including its history, and the winemaking process, and will show you around the facilities, providing information about winemaking techniques, grape varieties and the unique characteristics of the winery's wines.

What makes the Liakou Winery so special?

The winery and the vineyards of Liakou Winery are located at an altitude of 470 meters and utilize in the best possible way the grapes of the privately owned vineyards and cooperating producers of the Meteora region, which are less than three kilometres from the winery, thus ensuring the direct transport of the grapes to the place of production. The aim is to produce quality wines, with the characteristics of the microclimate of the region.

Where can I buy the wine?

You can taste the estate's wines in a special room of the winery and buy if you wish. You can also buy through the winery's website.

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