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Wine Tradition in Slovenia

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Panoramic image outside of a Škatlar showing its entrance area and the view over the vineyard right next to the building.
Image of a wine cellar showing a big wooden barrel with carvings of a man and grapes in front of the frontal wall in the middle of the picture. On the right and left side walls, multiple metal barrels are placed.

„The Škatlars of Otočec“

In a Nutshell

Things to know: 

The Škatlars of Otočec are part of the scenic vineyards in the Štajerska, Primorska and Dolenjska regions, each boasting unique flavors.


Srednje Grčevje 15, 8222 Otočec

Suggested duration of visit:

Two hours. Visit only with a guide because of private property. 

Closest transport station:

Bus or train station is located in Novo mesto, 12km away from vineyard cottages.

Type of place:

Private Museum and Accommodation in traditional vineyard cottages, 

placed in the middle of the wine hills


Rebuild Škatlar 1-4

Wine cellar with tasting room 

Historical museum house

Historic wine cellar

History in under a Minute

In the old times it was a tradition in this Slovenian region, that almost everyone had his own little vineyard to make wine for themselves. Mostly all vineyards had little houses called Škatlar with a little wine cellar underneath. The 200-year-old wooden barn, which was originally located on the mountain of Planina next to the town of Sevnica, was the fundaments of the tourist-offers. In 2006, after renovation, the tourist-offer was extended to show more about the authentic wine of the Dolenjska region - the pride of the locals - called “Cviček˝. Yet, this was only the beginning. In the continuation the vineyard cottages Škatlar 1-4 were bought, renovated, and furnished to accommodate up to 20 guests. The renovation works were supervised by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia. A 7000-litres-barrel from the wine cellar of the town of Ptuj was placed next to Škatlar 2 and a sauna was built into the barrel and a Jacuzzi in front of it. Glamping Paradise Škatlar got the most unique experience. In the more than 200 years old building, beautiful old traditional wooden elements are combined with modern comfort.

Image in wine cellar used for tastings. On a round table, wine, glassed, cheese, sausages and candles are decorated. On the right wall, stone shelfs are embedded into the wall and bottles of wine are lying on the shelfs.

„Touristic Information“

Every guest will receive local information, including details about nearby attractions and cuisine, via email. Additional information can also be found here.

Booking Contact:

Vineyard cottage Škatlar 1

Vineyard cottage Škatlar 2 

Vineyard cottage Škatlar 3

Glamping Paradise Škatlar

Get directions:

Via car form Ljubljana to Vineyard cottages Škatlar

  • From Ljubljana, head southeast on the A2/E70 highway.
  • Take the exit toward Novo mesto-vzhod/Metlika/Črnomelj/Dolenjske Toplice/Otočec.
  • Turn right onto Novo mesto/Route 105, following signs for Metlika/Črnomelj/Dolenjske Toplice/Otočec.
  • At the next three roundabouts, take the 2nd exit towards Otočec.
  • At the 4th roundabout, take the 3rd exit, then turn right (watch for the Paha sign).
  • Continue on the main road into the forest.
  • At the end of the forest, turn left (following the sign for Paha).
  • Pass through the villages of Herinja vas and Paha.
  • When you see the chapel of St. Barbara, spot the sign for Vineyard Cottages Škatlar, and turn right.
  • Stay on the main road for about 1 km.
  • Just before the church, next to a chapel, turn left onto Srednje Grčevje.
  • You will reach Srednje Grčevje 15, your destination.

Things to do arround:

Otočec: Otočec Castle, Golf Otočec and Struga Castle

Šmarješke Toplice: Wine fountain of Cviček, Natural spa Klevevz, Termal spa Šmarješke Toplice

Novo mesto – old town center: St. Nicholas catedral, Dolenjski muzej (rich archeology exhibition) & Jakčev dom (gallery), Franciscan church, Monastery, and Library, old town center with arcade hallways, Kandija bridge, Rudolf's raft – cruising with animation around the old town center

Whether you're into outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, or simply enjoying the warmth of Slovenian hospitality, this charming country, including the scenic vineyards in the Štajerska, Primorska and Dolenjska regions, has something for everyone.


For how many people are the vineyard cottages suitable?

Vineyard Cottages Škatlar 1, 2, and 3 are suitable for 4 people (2+2), while Glamping Paradise Škatlar is designed for 2 people.

Why choose the Vineyard cottages Škatlar?

  • Because we combine tradition with modern comforts.
  • Because, in a traditional setting you will be offered everything a modern person need.
  • Because our lodges offer intimacy in an exceptional location with a stunning view.
  • Because you will be serenaded by the birds and church-bells in the mornings and will enjoy the company of deer and crickets in the evenings.
  • Because you will be able to enjoy fresh organic vegetables from the gardens and pick your own fruit from the nearby trees.
  • Because you will be invited in the wine cellar from 1948 to enjoy a local wine-tasting and discover a history of wine.
  • Because pets are welcome in the Škatlar 1,2 and Glamping paradise Škatlar.
  • Because the region offers exceptional recreational opportunities: more than 3000 km of hiking-, biking- and cycle paths, as well as water-ways, a golf course, the Šmarješke Toplice, Dolenjske Toplice and Čatežke Toplice spas …
  • Because our three vineyard cottages can host up to 12 people, with the opportunity to rent additional nearby lodges, which is why we are able to organize accommodation for small groups of friends, relatives, colleagues...
  • Because we will ensure that you will feel the pulse of life in the countryside of Dolenjska region and will get to know its rich natural and cultural heritage and enjoy its delicious cuisine.
  • Because the cottages are located in an area immersed in bio-energy – which will relax and revitalize you completely during your stay.
  • Because we are aware of the importance of reducing carbon emissions, so we have set up an electric charging station for your electric car.
  • Because we give a warm and sincere welcome to every guest 😊