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„Col del Lupo Winery“

In a Nutshell


Vidor, Italy

Suggested duration of visit: 

at least 2 hours 


Azienda Agricola “Col del Lupo”

Via Rovede 37 

31020 Vidor, Treviso, Italy

Booking Contact: 

Tel.: +39 0423 980249


Key facts:

Year of construction: 1942

Location: Vidor, Italy

Type of place: Winery



Wine Cellar

History in under a Minute

It all began in 1942, when the Grandfather Aldo inherited “Col del Lupo” from his father, a hill covered with vineyards and a cot with breath-taking views of the hilly amphitheatre, where the magic of the Prosecco DOCG is celebrated.

He made a life-long commitment to honour this gift, and he has left a precious legacy to his nephews, who manage it with great respect and a deep sense of responsibility, animated by the same strong passion for the vineyards and the land.

In 2016 the "La Tea" vineyard was added the Col del Lupo Estate, with the recovery of ancient Prosecco vines sited on a steep slope on ideal DOCG in the area of Rolle. Here the production quality reaches standards of genuine excellence. 

The love for the land and its traditions, quality and beauty is the reason why they care passionately about preserving it by pursuing their viticulture and production of Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG in a sustainable and renewable way.

View from a vineyard showing close grapevines in the front and more vineyards and a small village in the distance.

„Touristic Information“

Col del Lupo Winery is located in Vidor, a town in the northern area of Treviso Province, in the Veneto Region. It is part of the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills UNESCO World Heritage.

Sleep and eat

Col del Lupo has a self-catering accommodation that offers the possibility of staying overnight surrounded by vineyards, it is located about 10 minutes by car from the winery. 

In the Prosecco Hills around Vidor there here are different accommodations, such as hotels and rural houses, and authentic enogastronomical experiences.

Get directions

By car to Col del Lupo Winery:

From Venice and Treviso use motorway A4, then A27, SPV Strada Pedemontana Veneta and SR348 

From Belluno use motorway A27 exit Vittorio Veneto Nord then SP 35 or SP1 bis 

From Udine use motorway E70, A28 and then SS13 

From Trieste use E70 and A28, then SP15, SS13 and SP32

By train to Col del Lupo Winery:

Reaching Col del Lupo Winery via train is very difficult, as the closest stations are Fener at 10 km and Montebelluna at 15 km by car.

By bus to Col del Lupo Winery: 

The closest bus stops are in Bigolino main square, a 35 minutes walk or in Colbertaldo at 25 minutes by foot from the winery.

Insider Tips

Use adequate shoes for walking in the vineyards.

Things to do around

Col del Lupo is located in a very beautiful area with many thigs to do and visit like villas, abbeys, historical towns and villages and paths for trekking too. It is also close to Treviso and Venice is just an hour by car.

The Benedictine Abbey of Santa Bona in Vidor, the Cistercian Abbey of Santa Maria in Follina, Castel Brando in Cison di Valmarino, Zumelle Catle, San Salvatore Castle in Susegana and Villa Maser of Andrea Palladio and a UNESCO World Heritage are some of the historic buildings that is possible to visit. You can also have a walk along the beautiful River Piave famous for the First World War. Many trekking paths are located in the Pre-Alps just behind the Prosecco Hills.


Q: Can I visit the property alone or just in a guided tour?

A: Visits can only be done with guided tours. Please contact the winery via email or telephone 0423980249.

Q: What is the Col del Lupo Winery?

A: It is a winery located in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills UNESCO World Heritage   area.

Q: What makes the Col del Lupo Winery so special?

A: Col del Lupo, in addition to the classic cellar visits with tasting, also organizes wine cellar experiences that involve both adults and children: a sensorial game for the little ones and a wine tasting of Prosecco Superiore for adults.