The heritaccess logo shows a circle in two lines with different dark shapes between like the top of a wine barrel. Inside the circle are a wine grape with leaves and grapes on the right side above a lettering heritaccess and calligraphy from H and A on the left side. The color is purple.
This picture contains of the european flag on the left and the title Co-funded by the European Union' on the right.


Access to culture and heritage in rural surroundings through the interactive digital experience



The picture was taken in the middle of a vineyard. You can see an old small house for vineyard workers from above. The house is densely surrounded by vines and deep green deciduous trees can be seen in the background.
  • Is access to culture and heritage in the rural environment through interactive digital experience.
  • Is an Erasmus+ project, co-funded by the European Union. 
  • Aims to democratise the recognition of traditional rural heritage, where not all visitors are able to access the educational and historical values of a site.

  • Takes advantage of the enormous heritage of rural areas where wine tourism predominates.
  • Uses 360° panoramic pictures of selected sites that, due to their historical value and traditions, deserve to be accessible to every adult, despite personal impairments.
  • Sets guidelines for accessibility and inclusion, which will allow rural heritage places to adapt their offerings to the needs of people with impairments.
  • Improve digital literacy and interest in rural heritage of senior persons, independent from physical and sensory disabilities.

Take a look and choose your favourite site!

The picture shows a total of eight barrels in a wine cellar. A hand points to these barrels out of focus in the foreground. A red discolouration can be seen around the corked holes for filling.

HeritAccess Guidelines

Short descriptive text of the prepared project guidelines

Heritaccess Database

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